25 Jahre Archie Fire Lame Deer und Lakota-Tradition am Beuerhof

Invitation by Mick Hanke
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In this fall of the year 2016 a special event will happen at the Beuerhof in Germany. It was now 25 years ago since the first Sweat Lodge was built at the Beuerhof and it has continued ever since.
Archie Fire Lame Deer brought the holy ceremony and its teaching to many places at this time (before or after). I have now been asked to invite all of you to a celebration where we want to Honore Archie one more time and spend a weekend Together where everyone involved is welcome to meet.
We don’t want to bring back the old times or celebrate nostalgia, it is supposed to be only in the sense of the sweat lodge, a meeting to bring people together in peace. To me it is an honor to invite all of you to the Beuerhof and I would do the same for any other place if I would be asking for.
So I ask all European sundancers, pipe carriers and anyone walking his path with the sweatlodge to come and celebrate with us. No price tag is put on this meeting, no hidden cost, only the tradition of the donation or give away will be practicedLet us show together that we keep things going as we were asked to do by Uncle Archie.
Happy to meet you there Yours,